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Home and School Connection:

On this page you will find a list of resources that can be used at home to help foster the home and school connection. 

Picture Page:

Take a peek inside our classroom with our picture page. This page will be updated monthly. Stop on by to see what is happening in Room 102! 


Our Favorite Links and Games:

Our daily schedule can be very busy, but we always leave time for a few brain breaks and fun. On this page you will find the links to our favortie brain break videos and online games that can be played at home. 

Monthly Update:

Happy New Year! While the snow is blowing outside we have been very busy in the classroom. Since returning from winter break  we have begun many new skills in both reading and math. Some new skills being taught include, addition, decomposing, measurement, segmenting and blending CVC words, middle and ending sound isolation, short vowels, and problem and solution. During our writing block students are encouraged to use their popcorn words and segmenting and blending skills to build simple sentences. In addition they should also include finger spaces, punctuation and proper letter formation  We are working hard each day on our writing conventions. Our thematic units for January and February include penguins, polar bears, snowmen, and Valentine's Day. We will also celebrate the 100th day of school.

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